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Milwaukee Restaurant Cleaning / Dirty Dining

We are Milwaukee, Wisconsin's number one Restaurant Cleaning Company, we degrease everything in the Kitchen. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS HERE JUST SEE FOR YOURSELF! SCROLL DOWN

You call us we will bring your kitchen back to life. We will go to the end of the earth if you like.

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For the nastiest Milwaukee restaurant cleaning jobs, Efficient Cleaning is the company to call. Whether you have been shut down by the health inspector, or just need some restaurant maintenance cleaning done, we have seen it all and we can do it all. From hood cleaning to degreasing and power washing, whatever you need to get your Milwaukee or Waukesha area restaurant back in business is what we will do.

Efficient Cleaning is the company to call for all of your restaurant cleaning needs in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and all of Southeastern Wisconsin. Phone today at 414.305.3074 and we'll have our experts come in and have your restaurant ready for business.

Welcome to Efficient Cleaning Commercial Cleaning & Equipment Repair, LLC.
If it's dirty - we clean it; if it's broken - we fix it.

At Efficient Cleaning, your business and success are important to us. We are dedicated to providing a cleaning service and equipment service that will meet all of your needs. We want to offer your staff and customers a clean dining environment. Our equipment service will help prolong the life of all of your important kitchen equipment.

Dear: Assistant living Organization,

Richard Webb owner and operator of Efficient Cleaning Services located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin we specialize in facility maintenance services. We provide a number of services that will be a great help to your organization. Like keeping your cooking area nice and clean where you cook and serve food. We can also keep your sidewalks clean of gum grease and grime along with other services we offer. I don't want to take up much of your time I just like to layout our credentials and reputation we have an A-plus with the Better business bureau, A rating with Angieslist. If any projects that you need rectified I will gladly come out and meet with you no obligation.

Thank you for your time.

Richard Efficient / Owner operator  


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Efficient Cleaning Services, facility services provider for the cooking industry whether you are a hospital or a school. Anything or any place where food is stored or kept we clean it and the surrounding, we keep it clean. I was watching channel fifty-eight news and they were talking about the rating sign to be put in the window of food establishments rating their cleanliness that can be double edges sword based on who's putting out the information good or bad, who knows?

 The best thing to do is have a restaurant cleaning company like Efficient Cleaning Services will come in every so often to maintain cleanliness so you don't have to be confronted with bad public relations press that can be very damaging to you, your reputation, and your business.  Efficient cleaning services come in and we do it all from floor to ceiling and all in between, we'll clean the stove the oven behind the stove the cooler, and any place that needs it. When it comes to restaurant cleaning you can bet on efficient cleaning to get the job done. Churches kitchen, colleges food courts, commercial building cafeterias

 Shopping mall food courts, Ma and Pa restaurants to places like Bartolotta's restaurants

Know to matter the status where ever food is served it must be sanitary clean.


When it comes to de-greasing a restaurant cooking area it's based on the condition and how long since it been cleaned and were they on top of the maintenance plan, if not conditions very bad.  There is no magic bullet its solution and elbow grease and some grinding tools and get that hard rock burned on food that done turned into rock now we have to use some electrical grinders to eat away at it.


Now we work all shifts and can get in there seven days a week price just varies.

Or if you are closed one day out of seven we can come in then, and go to work.

If you are a restaurant owner or otherwise and in the business of food and cooking, reach out to us so we can help make your business run smoother now let me say this, we work 7 days a week all 3 shifts we can get in on a schedule that works for your timeline, you will never have to worry about having a bad hit from the health department come in unknowing and finding you out of order.

Rick Webb, owner, and operator of (Efficient Cleaning Services    in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209 we go all over Wisconsin so if you ever need our services just Pick up the phone and give us a call. 414-305-3074)


Federal, state, and local agencies and school

Commercial Refrigeration /

 Commercial Sandwich / Salad Preparation Refrigerators Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators, Back Bar Coolers, DISHWASHING EQUIPMENT

Commercial Pizza Preparation Refrigerators, WORK TABLES & STATIONS

Commercial Sinks

Dishes and glassware will be spotless

 equipment. Dual Temperature Work Top and Undercounter Refrigerators / Freezers

If your cooking area needs cleaning and you don't know who to call you are on the right page as you read this listing are the restaurant cleaning company

Red Lobster restaurant cleaning 101, Red lobster have there restaurant cleaning done on third shift and efficient cleaning works all three shifts so you don't have to shut down efficient cleaning de-greasing we can work with what works for you and your staff.


Red Lobster in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on Mayfair Road, third shift project we can do the same for you, so you are in need of de-greasing call efficient cleaning will that cooking area back up and running again so can work in a nice clean environment. call efficient cleaning stoves and oven cleaning just completed red lobster on South 76 street.  give us a call we can help top to bottom and wall to wall.

This was the third shift, we work them all










When it comes to restaurant cleaning efficient cleaning services go to the end of the earth to make sure your cooking facility is sanitary clean and grease-free.  We can accommodate all shifts, we can arrange for morning afternoon or evening we come in and set up and start de-greasing. All restaurants are not equal some require work than others and I mean a lot more work, you will see what I mean when I post the article. No matter how severe we will rectify the situation, there is no magic bullet to this process.  Based on the size of your facility and what all needs to be done that will determine the length of time and cost.

In some cases, we have to use hammers and chisel to get the job done. Food can turn to rock and become as hard as a brick.

Supplies and equipment needed to do the job, elbow grease, pressure washer, chemicals harsh, vice mount on our truck, a lot of rags,  scrappers heavy-duty, coarse steel wool, and host of so much more.  I have been in this business for over twenty years and when you start pulling back the layers you see more and more and more and we just go at it.

Floors walls and ceilings appliance pull the appliances out you see more. Pull the stove out you see more, drain the deep fryer you see more we go at everything till the job is done. Jobs like this are time and material manpower and solution

We come in, we can start anywhere we mainly start with your priority unless you want us to go nuts, what that means is? We leave no stones unturned. We clean our way right out the door. Based on how many men you retain and how severe the job is determining the length of time, a minimum 4-hours so who knows, we don't low ball or sugarcoat just to get the job that we don't do.  When you see pictures you will know what I mean and why I say what I said about time and material because of the severity of some jobs.   Not pointing any fingers at anyone some places are total neglect, you see it with your own eyes.

We are contacted by property management companies rent turnkey establishment companies rent to starting a restaurant business they are for a number of years they move on or move out and leave the place total kitchen from hell. Then we get the call we used you guys before or we found you online, someone recommended you to us.  And we like for you to come to give us a quote,  we do a walkthrough I see what all needs to be done they tell me what happens and how it happens and he like for us efficient cleaning services to make it right, I make it clear, there's a lot to be done here and yes we can do it, quote time and materials, a reply can you give me a flat price, it was to do that I would have to overshot to protect myself and to what degree we consider clean and complete other we leave our self-open to be taken advantage of and that's not going to happen we cross our t's a and dot our eye's. 

With all this being said I hope this opens your eyes to what's involved in restaurant cleaning the gritty word dirty dining.

The restaurant is regulated by the state where you live questions or concerns call the health dept.

 That's what happens on unique projects like this. Must be said. We say this and want you to do this, check our track record from the BBB, and Angieslist googles us yelp us creditable company.  This overall cooking restaurant, schools, nursing homes, churches, hotels, bar and grills, any place food is being prepared and cooked, you have to be sanitary clean without a doubt.   Germans around food can make you sick and can be fatal. We take this very serious at efficient cleaning services

Make a mess clean it up Rita way don't let the mess sit and feaster whereas it heats up and cools off it will become hard as a rock don't leave it, you can apply this to your home life spill something in your home oven get it up the minute you spill it.

We work for everyone public and private commercial and anyone else who needs our services.  We do more than just restaurants!

Sincerely yours  414-305-3074

Efficient Cleaning Services  

As a restaurant owner or manager, you understand that cleanliness is key. Customers won't come back to a dirty restaurant. And if you're not maintaining a high standard of clean, you're putting your patrons at risk of food-borne illness, which can lead to health code violations or even the closure of your restaurant.


About Restaurant Cleaning Services

Cleaning services that cater to the restaurant industry understand the unique cleaning needs of your industry. They'll work with you to design a cleaning process that meets your needs, leaving both the front of the house and the back of the house sparkling and sanitized.


Typical cleaning tasks include:


Dining room/lobby - Cleaning and sanitizing tables; sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors; washing and dusting ceilings, windows, and walls.

Bathrooms - Scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces, including toilets and countertops; sweeping and mopping floors; refilling all soaps and paper products.

Kitchen - Cleaning and degreasing exhaust fans, filters, and ducts; emptying grease traps; scrubbing broilers, ovens, stoves, steamers, and fryers; cleaning and sanitizing countertops and stainless steel; washing floors and walls.

Any reputable restaurant cleaning service will provide you with a complete checklist of items to be cleaned so there's no confusion. They should also be flexible when it comes to scheduling, working around the unique hours of the restaurant industry.s

 Why Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cleaner is a Necessity for Your Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, a clean and sanitary kitchen is non-negotiable. Dirty kitchens put your customers at risk of food-borne illness and present a major fire risk. And if your kitchen is not maintained in accordance with state and federal laws, your restaurant could be fined or shut down.

Hiring a professional kitchen cleaning service greatly reduces or eliminates those risks, keeping your customers and employees safe and your restaurant in operation. To boot, kitchen cleaning services are willing to work around your busy schedules, sending crews in overnight to avoid interfering with your hours of operation.

About Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

Most restaurants handle their own day-to-day kitchen cleaning. The kitchen staff washes the dishes, sweeps, mops and sanitizes all surfaces before the end of the shift. Heavy-duty cleaning tasks, on the other hand, are usually left to the professionals.

Professional kitchen cleaning companies offer a wide range of services, including:

 Cleaning and removing grease from kitchen hoods and exhaust fans

Emptying grease traps

Replacing filters

Deep cleaning all ceilings, walls, floors and kitchen equipment

Sanitizing and disinfecting sinks and countertops

Refilling soap and chemical dispensers

Deep cleaning floor mats

Cleaning vents

Off all those tasks, cleaning the exhaust fans is the most important. Left dirty, exhaust fans present a serious fire hazard. Regular cleanings are not only important to your health and safety; they're required by the National Fire Protection Association and the federal Food and Drug Administration.

You can hire a professional cleaning service to perform regular deep cleanings - perhaps on a quarterly or twice-yearly basis. Or, you can opt for specialized service in order to prepare for fire, insurance, and health inspections. The service will perform a comprehensive cleaning and provide proof of that cleaning to satisfy state and federal laws.

Some services use pressure washers to clean and sanitize your kitchen. The method may seem unconventional, but it's popular because it works. The powerful blast of water is very effective at removing dirt, grease, and grime in a short amount of time.

 Cost of Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

The cost of a professional kitchen cleaning depends on a number of factors, including the size of your kitchen, how clean or dirty it is, how long it has been since the last professional cleaning and which services you request.

 Most kitchen cleaning services charge anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour, depending on the size of the crew. You might spend $50 per hour for a two-person cleaning crew, but the job will take longer than if you hire a four-person crew for $100 per hour. Generally, budget about $35 to $50 per crew member, per hour.

 Be wary of any kitchen cleaning service that offers you a quote over the phone. Any reputable service will want to do a walk-through of the kitchen before giving you a price. Be sure to get a detailed quote before hiring any service, and get it in writing.

 Find a Kitchen Cleaning Service Near

choosing a Restaurant Cleaning Service

Consider your needs. Will you require daily cleaning or weekly service? Do you need the entire restaurant cleaned? Just the kitchen? Always start the process by figuring out exactly what services you need.

Know who will be cleaning. If possible, you want the same team to clean your restaurant each time. You're more likely to get a consistent, reliable level of clean. And you'll build a relationship of mutual trust.

Set expectations. Discuss exactly what you expect before hiring any service. Talk about which areas will be cleaned, what type of chemicals will be used, and what time the service will arrive. If you agree on a set of expectations now, there will be less confusion in the future.

Hold up your end of the bargain. Just because you hire a cleaning service doesn't mean your staff can slack off on their cleaning duties. Servers need to wipe down tables and vacuum crumbs after every shift. The kitchen staff needs to sanitize all surfaces and make sure food is properly sealed and stored

Commercial kitchen Services Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Restaurants  Milwaukee

Commercial kitchen services by Efficient Cleaning Services if you have a location whether it's already up and running or you're coming into a turnkey operation the first thing that needs to be done is a deep-down cleaning, especially where the food is being prepared to ensure a clean environment for number one your employee number two and most of all your most important you're paying customers.

When it comes to foodservice you can't do enough, for the quality of life.   People food and keep germs and contamination at bay safe measurement the key to good kitchen housekeeping by the words of one who knows most about having a clean kitchen. Hotels nursing home hospitals, night club's school's colleges place where people come to eat daily this must be washed down scrubs degreased constantly, health purposes.  No such thing as overkill when we are dealing with the public's health.

Now if you're an MA and PA establishment in some cases you may have to do the grind yourself to make sure it's done right, then you show a staff member how to keep it up so this never gets out of hand, it can become costly to bring it up to the standards of the health departments regulations.

If that inspector feels your poor kitchen keeper he may come around more then you like to see him! And that will become a problem for you, workers, mainly for you the owner all responsibility on you, not to mention a bad reputation being labeled a dirty dining restaurant, you don't want that.

I also want to touch on something else that's right there with you that can be a problem too you so it's very important to know who you hire so they don't call down on you, just to give you a headache know who your staff. I put this information out there so you can avoid these pitfalls, never had a restaurant and never worked in one, twenty years plus in this business, I did hear it all and seen it all, some unbelievable stories and situation you should know if you haven't already experienced them, you will if you don't keep a sharp eye. 

If your place of operation opens like 10: AM in the morning and closes late at night congratulation business is good and cleaning will need to be done more often. Find a company that you can work with and they can work with you as well.  We do our utmost to work with our client needs that's our business keeping yours going, so we are all happy campers like downtown Freddy Brown things are running smoothly, the nature of the game.

Now we go all over the state even in places way out of the way and if you are having a problem finding a company work with I know we can help in keeping your cooking area clean.  I want to be straight with your restaurant cleaning is no joke if you neglect your duties and let it get downright unacceptable where when you look at those appliances and cookware and the buildup heavy with burned-on grease so thick you now need corrosive chemicals and electric grinders to get the buildup off.

No magic bullet here, some manpower-power-tools steam cleaning power washer crew very knowledgeable in what they are doing and we go to town. Time and material project no restaurant is operated equally they vary based on who's in charge and just how tight of a ship the supervisor or owner runs.   This is all about restaurant cleaning, brought to you by Efficient Cleaning Services 414-305-3074

If you have any questions for me just drop me a line and we can go from there.
Culinary services cleaning company we clean everything in your kitchen from top to bottom and everything in-between. When Efficient Cleaning Services comes in we go to town. We will come to your kitchen and make it germ-free, with all the contamination that can develop around food you can’t be too safe. Remember floor to ceiling and sanitize countertops if you’re using and deep fryer change the oil accordingly if needed will drain the oil and clean the deep bottom of the fryer.
Behind the stove and coolers is very important to clean, we pull the appliance out and remove the trash behind and clean the floor with shelving cabinets counters all around the walls. Foodservice is our business keeping kitchens clean.
Culinary schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare services, restaurants if you cook food, serve food prepare food Efficient Cleaning Services is your facility service provider, call us with any questions or concerns you may have about keeping your kitchen clean. We remove burned-on grease off stainless steel and after that make the stainless-steel shine, we remove the burned-on food inside the ovens and the side of the stove, convection ovens top and bottom we make nice and clean.
Culinary services companies contact Efficient Cleaning Services Company we can help you out with your projects, we’re located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we cover the whole state of Wisconsin
Kitchen remodelers we work with you as well so feel free to reach out and contact us.








































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