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Milwaukee Basement Flooding and Sanitization

Milwaukee basement flooding can be a mess to clean up, especially when sewer backup is involved. When your basement floods, don't freak out - call Efficient Cleaning and we'll take care of it. We are your best choice in Milwaukee and Waukesha for flood cleanup, water damage removal, and post-flood sanitizing services. Call Efficient Cleaning today to make your Milwaukee basement flooding problems wash away. Dear Wisconsin Claims Adjuster,

Make your job easier by having EFFICIENT CLEANING, doing the dirty work, professionally and reliably. There is nothing we will not clean.

We have the experience of highly qualified personnel, and state-of-the-art equipment to do any job that will make you happy. We are fully insured and have some of Wisconsin's best companies as our clients. We will furnish references upon request.

Our reputation is sterling. Our rates are reasonable, but best of all we are fast and thorough. We would like you to give us a chance to show you how we can perform with your big or small job.

Call Efficient Cleaning TODAY for basement flooding or sewer backup cleaning at 414.305.3074 our experts will come in and clean up and sanitize your basement!

If this blood is not cleaned up immediately, the blood will begin to spread and will be absorbed by porous materials, such as concrete, asphalt, drywall, carpet, subfloor, grout, studs, and floor joists. To help prevent unnecessary contamination and increased structural damage, it is imperative that you contact a company trained in blood cleanup as quickly as possible. 

Since blood travels in much the same manner as water does, a casual inspection of the scene will not reveal all traces of the blood.  This is where blood cleanup technicians can help.  Any type of crime scene cleanup or blood clean up involves a comprehensive and detailed procedure to detect, disinfect and completely remove all, bodily fluids, tissue & bone matter, contaminated clothing, and household goods, hypodermic needles, razor blades, and other items that may pose a risk of injury or death.  For your safety, and the safety of your family and friends, it is vital that all traces of these elements be removed from a scene, whether a crime has been committed or not.

Thursday, April 18, 2013, is the day basement all over Milwaukee, and surrounding Wisconsin are flooding we at Efficient Cleaning are here taking calls and trying to keep everyone's basement dry, so if you need us the cleanup crew is here and we will get to you as fast as we can and we won't stop until we do every that the customer wants done. Call us and say come on out as soon as you can and show up to get the job done.

Call us @ 414-305-3074 we are taking calls now or leave a message and we will call you back 

Here is how you clean an unfinished basement.

A step-by-step procedure and we will have the basement sanitary clean and I mean clean. Now if there are items in the basement, depending on how much you can shift them around or totally take them out of the basement altogether.

Start by doing heavy vacuuming with a wet, and dry vacuum then make sure you have the debris off the ceiling and walls if need be take a broom and sweep the walls down to make sure stuff is stuck on walls that the vacuum cleaner may have missed. Once we are all done with that, sweep the floor nicely and clean it.

Then you take duct tape and cover up all electrical outlets so no water gets in the outlets.

We are pressure-washing the basement. You get the pressure washer ready to begin the process. The machine we normally use is a 4500 PSI washer. Pounds per square inch.  Most machines will have color-coded tips indicate that the type of flow that comes out of the gun. That's very important the red tip puts out a very hard stream that can damage paint and wood not to mention will scar concrete, if you don't know what you are doing, FYI don't use it. In a most home that has a painted basement floor, in most cases the floor wasn't prepared properly meaning it wasn't primed so the paint wouldn't adhere to the floor it would now flak when water pressure hit it, so now the floor is flaking you have to wash up the un-adhering paint that's flaking. Once that's all done you are almost home free. I spoke on this first, from my experience washing down basement floors are ways the biggest problem in basement cleaning.  Now that we have all that covered will go to clean the overall basement.   Now you are ready to pressure, run soap solution through the machine soaping down walls and floors, not the ceiling in most cases there are electrical wires up above and that's a No, No, remember!    The blacktip puts out the soap at a low psi. Soaping down with a disinfectant all over do not spray any water in the furnace or the hot water tank or anything else that may be affected by water.  The yellow or green tip is recommended for walls and floors.  Now that you have the basement all washed down, now come the drying and detailing. Their steps involve meticulously wiping down everything in the basement except the walls. You take a floor squeegee and wipe down the floor as dry as you can. After you start cleaning the ceiling by hand wiping all overhang with damp clean towels then you start cleaning windows, wiping down furnaces hot water tanks, washers, dryers, and anything else that needs cleaning and drying.  It's strongly recommended to down content in the basement as well.   You now have a clean basement, brought by efficient cleaning services.











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