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Milwaukee Event / Party Clean-Up

When large groups of people get together to celebrate and alcohol is involved, some pretty outstanding messes can occur. We don't care how it got that way, we just care about cleaning it up. No other event or party cleanup company in Southeastern Wisconsin can handle many aspects of your Milwaukee event cleanup as Efficient Cleaning. From junk removal to degreasing - to bio-hazard cleaning, whatever your event or party cleanup situation is, we guarantee you, we will take care of your worst situation. Call Efficient Cleaning today, and let us take the mess off your hands.

Call Efficient Cleaning TODAY and let us clean up your Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Southeastern Wisconsin event or party grounds at 414.305.3074 – Relax we'll have your place sparkling like new!

If you have an event come up and need extra hands we can help out whatever the situation just call, Efficient, seven days a week 24/7 let us know your needs so we can plan accordingly to help setup parties take down parties move the furniture around pass out things to the guest. just let us know the plans and we will follow your instructions we also dress the part. you're in good hands with us. My name is Richard Webb I will be the contact person you make the plan with we follow to the letter call me.

Private parties, office parties. retirement parties, wedding parties, going away parties. birthday parties.all occasion parties. anything you think of, we are here for you, you plan we help out. call and talk to us, we'll fit the need.

Marquette University party cleanup on Sunday afternoon, downtown Milwaukee, what you would call a frat party. Over two hundred women, pack into a downtown flat.  And believe me, they made a mass the party took place on a Saturday night and went in early Sunday morning. They only wanted us to clean the floors and that was all, and that was a project in itself beer and food on the floor behind the refrigerator in the hallway you name it food was there in the unit. Senior students in their last years of college.   Efficient cleaning does this type of cleaning all the time public and private. Whatever your party needs are call us we will be there, we do it all shifts we can help you set up and takedown.  The holiday season is starting up include us in your plans. Call us, and let us know when.

We also do setup and take down of the furniture decoration from the floor to the ceiling we work all shifts of the night so if your planning a party call us will put you on the schedule for whatever shift you need us to coming and help you setup and take down. Now if need us serve food we can do that as well, we can come dressed in any attire that is right for the party. we event help be an event planer, were located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will go all over the state to help you have a joyous  event !  the party can be inside or outside on the grass or in the parking lot Efficient Cleaning Services are the party planners. from the kitchen to the dinning room. this link here let you see more of us on Facebook you follow us here to.


Cleaning for Passover, or Pesach, is a significant tradition in Jewish households. It involves a thorough cleaning of the home to remove all traces of chametz, which are leavened foods or products made from wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt that are not specifically designated as kosher for Passover. Here are some key steps often involved in cleaning for Passover:
Removing Chametz: This includes searching the house for any chametz that might have been inadvertently left behind. It's a tradition to do a thorough search by candlelight the night before Passover begins.
Deep Cleaning: Many people take this opportunity to do a deep cleaning of their homes, including areas that may not be cleaned as regularly throughout the year.
Koshering the Kitchen: This involves making sure all cooking utensils, pots, pans, and dishes are kosher for Passover. Non-Passover utensils and dishes are either put away or kashered (made kosher) for Passover use.
Replacing Kitchen Items: Some people choose to use separate sets of dishes, pots, and utensils specifically designated for Passover use.
Changing Kitchen Linens: This includes changing dish towels, oven mitts, and other kitchen linens to ensure they are free from chametz.
Purchasing Kosher for Passover Products: This involves stocking up on special Passover-approved foods and products that meet the dietary restrictions of the holiday.
Preparing the Passover Meal: Finally, families prepare for the Passover Seder, the festive meal that marks the beginning of the holiday. This involves cooking traditional Passover foods, such as matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, and brisket, as well as setting the table with special Passover items, including a Seder plate and matzo.
Overall, cleaning for Passover is not just about physical cleanliness but also symbolizes spiritual renewal and the removal of anything that might separate individuals from their faith and heritage during this sacred time.
By Efficient Cleaning Services
If you have an up and coming event and need someone to setup and take down once all is said and done thats why were  here for so you don't have. wedding setup or take down, any party setup or aftermath cleaning. we make party cleanup simple for you we just do everything for you













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