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Greater Milwaukee Residential Cleaning Services

Milwaukee Wisconsin residential cleaning services
Carpeting and Furniture Cleaning – Want to remove that tough stain on your carpeting that’s been there for years? Did one of your pets get sick and leave a variety of nasty stains all over the house? From pet stain removal, blood cleanup, and just about anything else, if anyone can get your carpeting and furniture clean, it’s Efficient Cleaning.
Smoke Damage, Fire Damage, And Flood Cleanup – When disaster strikes, Efficient Cleaning is the hazard cleanup company to call. Whether you have sewage floating in your basement, or major smoke damage to clean up, Efficient Cleaning will get your home looking better than you could have hoped. We have dealt with all types of accident cleanup and know how to help YOU.
Attic, Basement, Garage Cleanup – Efficient Cleaning junk removal services are perfect for helping you get your life back in order. After we clear out your attic, basement, garage or other storage space, we will clean it up from top to bottom to make it look like new.
Siding, Brick, Gutter Cleanup – If you have siding stains, brick or gutter cleanup you would like done, call Efficient Cleaning to see what we can do for you. An exterior home stain you think is permanent may be something our Milwaukee residential cleaning crew is able to remove.
Event/Party Cleanup – When you get a bunch of people together and give them alcohol, you can get some large and strange messes to clean up. At Efficient Cleaning, we’ve seen just about everything. We’ll take care of your party or event cleanup without batting an eye.

Call Efficient Cleaning for your carpet, furniture, smoke damage, flood cleanup, 414.305.3074 we take care of messes

Please take the time to look at all of these clips, we cleaned the house from top to bottom. We made it like never happen. We wash the walls the floor windows of the kitchen cabinets wash the dishes. we did everything needed to make it so clean you could eat off the floor. When Efficient cleaning clean we go to the end of the earth. And we will do the same for you, just look at our job history, the videos clips

How to sell your house in today's market, brought to you by (efficient cleaning services)

These are things you must do, get the family involved even the neighbors because their word of mouth may be what sells the house.

Here are some very important things you must do, get the house nice and clean from the inside out, clean everything. If you have unwanted items, you are not using get rid of them, you are going to do a makeover without buying anything. You are going to organize the house from the attic to the basement. The children play a roll in this matter there bedrooms and anywhere they may play in the house. When finish cleanup behind your self and that mean anyone who makes a mess clean it up when you are done, not latter when you are done, no exceptions.  This is staging the home for a showing. The keys to selling your home.  Efficient cleaning has a reputation for helping homeowner sell there home, we do everything we will make your homes showroom ready. Now if you are not up to the task, we are here. This is how we do it. We work our way out the house, leave no stones unturned not only do we clean the house we clean the contents of shampoo the carpet and upholstery polish the furniture. Windows must be cleaned inside and out even washout the window wells all appliances clean in and out. Now when we are done with a complete job it's up to you to keep it the way. You never know when the realtor calls with a client wanting to see the house and it's not ready that's why discipline is important in keeping the detailed. You want the prospective buyer to dream not think about what needs to be done. After you move out that can be the deal. The breaker, SPIDERS OR COBWEBS that's the way you call EFFICIENT CLEANING. 

Efficient moving and cleaning services have been in the hoarding cleanup business for twenty years. When it comes to cleaning up hoarding no place is the same it can vary from just trash to going shopping and never using what you buy it just builds up, those are just two forms in mentioned it goes on and on. Now at efficient cleaning when doing those type of clean up, we like to make sure we are on the same page the client or customer. Let also say this in most cases its never the person that created the hoarding that calls and retains our services, its either the love one or some outside enter vent ion like a caseworker or family member. I want to say this from all the years I've been in this business, you can spot this early on if you pay close attention to that person and their behavior here are some of the key points, they never let you in their house or will always meet you outside. Curtains always close sunlight never coming in the house, it can spill over to the car the drive filled up with just stuff exactly what anyone's guess these are the tell, tell signs.

I have a story to tell no names to mention this is a very true story, take place in Riverhills, Wisconsin like a rich man poor man story about two brothers one lived in Chicago and other lived in Riverhills, this is how the story goes. The brother that lived in Chicago owned the property his brother lived in and paid for the up of the property and never came to visited the but paid for work around the house, not knowing the condition inside the house until a medical emergency took place and the paramedic came to the house and come to find the horrific living condition was a nightmare. This big mansion was filled with garbage and so much more. Now I meet the brother from Chicago at the property and we talk outside and he says the inside tuff shape, he said he looked in that's as far as he went. I Richard Webb said can I look? He said to be my guess you will be doing the cleanup, my reply to him was you can't show me anything I haven't or done before, so true the house was just bigger.   Nothing new to me just a big job. Now, remember the ill brother in the hospital while this is going on.   I went inside the house then came back out it was packed like a 55-gallon drum just a mansion, a big one at that, Let me tell you what I did I came out and said I have to go get a biohazard suit to put on and shoe cover.  This house had nine bedrooms seven bathrooms, and so many other rooms, I ask him was there anything I should look out for like important papers he said no he take care all the business in regards to him and the property. Then I ask what should I look out for, he said I'll leave to your discretion. I made it clear to him if there is anything saveable I will save it and anything of value I will set to the side and let you know and clean it up and set it to the side, and that's just what we did.  We were there three months

Now that's what happens when you don't check on your loved ones. Very nice man it was a strained relationship between him and his brother.

Efficient Cleaning Services is not a fly by night company we have been in business for over 25 years. We are fully insured and have an A-plus rating with the BBB and Angieslist. We are a facility services provider; how may we help you? Our contact info 414-305-3074, Website just copy and paste the link into your browser and see all that we do.


The services we offer commercial residential and industrial inside and outside. Our operator is available Monday thru Sunday 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM please give us a call with any questions you may have.   Google our company name Efficient Cleaning Services and read our reviews, you can get your questions answered by clients who left a review you can read.

If you're a real-estate company or a management service provider contact us, we can help in your day to day operation to keep things running smoothly. I look forward meeting you and discussing how we can help. Property maintenance, home staging getting your home ready for sale and show.  All restoration services needed we provide it.

Cleaning Services We Do

Power washing services, removal services, basement sanitary cleaning, house washing, property maintenance services, steam cleaning, graffiti removal services, attic and basement cleaning services, Smoke and fire cleanup, construction cleanup, Foreclosure cleanup and out, Hoarder cleanup and out. Removing bed bugs and disposal of the furniture.

Checklist for Removing Bed Bugs

  • Everyone and all pets must be out of the house or apartment during the application process and remain pot at least two hours after completion or until the product have dried. Fish tank aerators are turned off. All closets and dressers must be emptied out to allow inspection and treatment. Place all clothing and linen in plastic bags and seal with tape before removing and the house or apartment making sure no contamination in other locations.
  • Before returning clothing back to house or apartment they must be laundered and dried in the high-temperature dryer that can be returned.
  • Do not use the same plastic bags deposal should be taken outside to the garbage. Have new bags bring back the unit or house, make sure you do that! Don't unbag clothing until you know for sure all bed bugs are exterminated completely!
  • Mattress and box spring do not throw away until instructed to do so by the technician.
  • All items must be removed from under the beds. All rooms must be clutter free, we must have total access to all outlets and switches this will ensure that you will get the most thorough treatment possible. Vacuum the floors extensively then clean vacuum cleaner outside and leave for a couple of days.  Whether you are using a bag or a bag-less do the same for both, better safe than sorry clean vac. Unplug and hook all electrical items and appliances and devices prior to service.  Do not use over the counter insecticide. This can have adverse effects on the outcome of the treatment.








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