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Efficient Cleaning Services disinfect Coronavirus infected areas and the Covid-19 we will come in and clean the entire area. If you have any question please feel free to contact Efficient Cleaning Services 414-305-3074, we are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and travel all over the state. Call with questions

Efficient Cleaning is one of Milwaukee cleaning company who can fulfill ALL your cleaning and junk removal needs, regardless of what you need to be done. The nasty jobs  Milwaukee carpet cleaning, flood cleanup, and residential/commercial/industrial cleaning companies  Efficient Cleaning’s bread and butter. Whether you just want us to remove a stain from a floor, or you want a whole house emptied out and cleaned from top to bottom, Efficient Cleaning is the call to make it happen.

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Efficient Cleaning is the power washing,  carpet cleaning, flood cleanup, septic backup party cleanup, and junk removal company who will make the tough messes you don’t want to deal with disappear. Efficient Cleaning can transform a home in a day, emptying it of debris and rubbish, and cleaning long term stains on floors, walls, and other surfaces you thought were permanent. The largest real estate company in Wisconsin regularly uses Efficient Cleaning to get their properties ready to be shown – get the highest caliber cleaning services in Wisconsin for yourself – call Efficient Cleaning today.

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Our commercial cleaning services include graffiti removal, power washing, degreasing, and more. Efficient Cleaning does a lot of restaurant cleaning including restaurant hood cleaning, all types of degreasing and power washing and more. If your  Milwaukee restaurant has been shut down for “dirty dining”, Efficient Cleaning will get you back up and running in no time. For all types of stain removal and odor removal from all surfaces of your Commercial Business, Efficient Cleaning is the company to call.

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Industrial messes can be impossible to clean up – for most people. For Efficient Cleaning, cleaning up tough industrial messes other people can’t deal with is just what we do. From de-greasing and chemical washing to miscellaneous “impossible” messes, Efficient Cleaning has the “know-how” and the “elbow grease” to get the job done. Call Efficient Cleaning to take care of your Industrial Cleaning job today.




For your residential/commercial/industrial cleaning needs in Milwaukee, Waukesha and all of Southeastern Wisconsin Call Efficient Cleaning  414-305.3074 we can handle the TOUGHEST job.



I was watching hoarder houses on ABC news 20/20 we do that very same work for companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we can do it for you. Whether you are a private party or a realtor, investors Management Company you call Efficient Cleaning will work closely with you to get the job done. Hoarder realtor was telling the owner if she had the house cleaned you she could get upward of 50.000 more, now if that doesn't kick you into first gear I don't what will. I say this everything they talked about we have done for clients and can do the same for you. Before that, I was watching shark tank, and it all comes together Efficient Cleaning fall right in the mix. We work with everyone in need of this situation and if you have this need we can work with you. Call us. Our reputation speaks for itself. We have a five-star rating on Google an A- rating with the better business bureau. Please check for yourself, you are in good hands with Efficient Cleaning Services.


If you are a 501 C3 organization and have clients that may live in a stressful situation we can work with you and give them a discount on pricing. that should take a  load off, get Efficient Cleaning in there to do the workload off everyone's mind mainly the person that lives in that condition. We are here to help the bottom line.

Brookfield Wisconsin

Yesterday I was contacted by Bob about the house he grew up in and his parents still live there and how it has changed since he moved on.  We you move on in life and come back from time to time to check on them you look around and see there is a lot, to be done. Your parents are much older and don't the strength to maintain like they have done in the past and you yourself don't have the energy or time, so you call in Efficient Moving and Cleaning Services to rectify the situation at hand.


I came out and meet with the parents and his wife and they gave me a walk through and showed me what needs to be done, which was obvious to the naked eye. Years and years of clutter. That had to be organized witch involved disposal meaning throwing out things no longer use-able just taking up space and a fire hazer. 


Keep in mind this is their history and it will be hard for them to let go of something is some cases it could be everything. That how the accumulation started, by just holding on to everything that comes your way, and before you know it you overrun your home with a lot of stuff.   Someone say house hoarding, in my twenty years of experience, I wouldn't call it that.  They just overwhelmed over the years. From what I see and talking with them.  We all came together grandparents and children and me Richard ( Efficient Moving and Cleaning Services)


This house is full from the basement to the attic and we are going to start in the basement. Not only are we going to de-clutter the entire house we are going clean and sanitize the house. After over thirty years of build-up when we start, you will see more and more that needs to be done and we do it all. I mean everything we leave no stones unturned.


Efficient Cleaning Services is a full circle cleaning company we do everything, and I mean everything and if you don't think so pick up the phone and call us.


We will be engaging this week the first thing we are going to do is bag up all unwanted things to go out the door to be a taking away, this first phase is to open up space so we can move around and be productive in getting things done. Very little space starting out.


Make room to work. Now when a house hasn't been looked after in about thirty years so much to get done.  Vacuuming cobwebs, window washing cleaning window wells, boxing, and re-boxing.  We will be here for some time. Better to do it now than later, the reason being eventually that house will go on the market and it's better to find out how the problems of the house now so the a be fixed now as well. these are Bob's parent's house and he will not be returning to live there, keep in mind they are in there middle eighties, he's the only child so he will soon have to take over the affairs of the house sooner the or latter, address them now.  Efficient Cleaning work  with issues like this on a daily bases and we can work with you.

Hoarding cleanup - River Hills, Wisconsin

There is no limitation on how we can serve you, call us we'll be happy to stop out or meet with you and hear how we can help. Let me say this, you couldn't show us or tell about any situation haven't seen or done be before a please feel free to talk with us, we are private and confidential we are here to service you and your loved one we are sensitive your concern. I thank you for stopping by and to look to servicing you.


Efficient Moving and Cleaning Services has been in the hoarding cleanup business for twenty years. When it comes to cleaning up hoarding no place is the same it can vary from just trash to going shopping and never using what you buy it just builds up, those are just two forms in mentioned it goes on and on. Now at Efficient Cleaning when do those type of clean up, we like to make sure we are on the same page the client or customer. Let also say this in most cases its never the person that created the hoarding that calls and retains our services, its either the love one or some outside enter vent ion  like a case worker or family member. I want to say this from all the years I've been in this business ,you can spot this early on if you pay close attention to that person and there behavior  here are some of the key points, they never let you in their house or will always meet you outside. Curtains always close sun light never coming in the house, it can spill over to the car the drive filled up with just stuff exactly what anyone's guess these are the tell, tell signs.

I have story to tell no names to mention this is a very true story, take place in Riverhills, Wisconsin  like a rich man poor man story about two brother one lived in Chicago and other lived in Riverhills, this is how the story goes. The brother that lived in Chicago owned the property his brother lived in and paid for the up of the property and never came to visited the but paid for work around the house, not knowing the condition inside the house until a medical emergency took place and the paramedic came to the house and come to find the horrific living condition were a nightmare. This big mansion was filled with garbage and so much more. Now I meet the brother from Chicago at the property and we talk outside and he say the inside tuff shape, he said he looked in that's as far as he went. I Richard Webb said can I look? He said be my guess you will be doing the cleanup, my reply to him was you can't show me anything I haven't or done before, so true the house was just bigger.   Nothing new to me just a big job. Now remember the ill brother in the hospital while this is going on.   I went inside the house then came back out it was packed like a 55 gallon drum just a mansion, a big one at that, Let me tell you what I did I came out and said I have to go get a bio hazard suite to put on and shoe cover.  This house had nine bed rooms seven bathroom, and  so many other rooms, I ask him was there anything I should look out for like important papers he said no he take care all the business in regards to him and the property. Then I ask what should I look out for , he said I'll leave to your discretion . I made it clear to him if there is anything save able I will save it and anything of value I will set to the side and let you know and clean it up and set it to the side, and that's just what we did .  We were there three months

Now that's what happens when you don't check on your love ones. Very nice man it was strain relationship between him and his brother


 blue_movers_lisa.jpg Efficient has trucks and equipment to get the job done. We can transport your belonging from point to another 




January 2015 the snow is here and so is the cold weather and we want make your life as easy as possible by offering winter services from efficient cleaning services and what that is, is maintaining your property public or private. Residential or commercial in Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. When it comes to snow removal we only stay in Milwaukee County. Other services we go all over the state of Wisconsin keeping property up. If you a situation that falls in the scope of our work give us a call. I have no doubt we can help. We work with bank asset managers, foreclosure bank property, management companies, SEO brokers. Realtors and real estate agents. If you are a probate lawyer or attorney. We work close with you to help you make that property sell or is ready to rent out, we work hand in hand. link here to facebook so you can like us and follow us. you will see just some of our undertakings. Google us yahoo or Bing us you will find only good news about efficient cleaning services. Milwaukee social service agencies, Milwaukee county department of aging and any public service and helps people we can help you help them.


We're not in the in the bed bug business, but we can get rid of them for you with a deep-down detailed cleaning. Now some household items must go to the garbage, like couches and chairs that have Fabrice and cloth on them that's where they live deep down in the fabric.  We're not an extermination company we are an extreme cleaning company that leave no stones unturned when come in your home or establishment if you have clothing and lining laying around we will to beg them up in plastic bags and the should go out the house and before they are brought back they should be washed, if you want to assure yourself they gone!  Once we have all the must go items out Efficient Cleaning Services will do a deep scrub cleaning of everything in the house and after that, now you have the extermination company come in the coast clear.  With all that clutter in your house, they can hide in all type of materials in your home that's why the exterminator come last so can have a free and clear opening. If you don't bring them back, they will be gone for good.  I will illustrate the project we just completed this past month if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Bed bugs feed on the human flesh especially when your sleeping in your bed at night you wake up with bites on the body sucking your blood.  414-305-3074 Efficient Cleaning -I will answer any questions you my have. I thank you reading this.