Our Mission

At Efficient Cleaning, our mission is to make people's lives easier by making the tough messes that no one else wants to deal with disappear. When customers had nowhere else to turn after everyone else had told them, "We don't do that.", Efficient Cleaning was always there to solve the problem. Our business has thrived, simply through being willing to provide what our customers needed -- even when it meant getting dirty or doing research to figure out HOW to do the job.

Efficient Cleaning always delivers the highest level of service and professionalism in every cleaning, junk removal , trucking and warehousing job we take on. We promise your 100% satisfaction with every aspect of Efficient Cleaning service.

For the BEST in carpet cleaning, graffiti removal/sandblasing, fire or smoke damage, and flood cleanup in Milwaukee, Waukesha and all of Southeastern Wisconsin call Efficient Cleaning 414.535.7764 or 414.305.3074 TODAY!
Just tell us your situation and we will do it

Hoarding cleanup is a specialized cleaning field. The companies across the nation that are listed in our database are not junk haulers and they are not a basic cleaning service. These companies specialize in hoarding clean up and can provide you with any or all of the following services

We have been providing help for hoarders since 1990. If you are looking for help for hoarders, please email us at your convenience @ Richard@efficientcleaning.com


  • Depression (by far the most common and includes the next bullet item)
  • Trauma (death, divorce, abuse, loss of some kind)
  • Heredity (grew up in a hoarding home) and Genetics
  • Fear of becoming poor
  • Fear of forgetting (items hold memories)
  • Perfectionists (until they find the perfect spot for something....)
  • Don't want to be wasteful
  • Brain Injuries/Stroke/Anneurysm
  • Dimentia
  • To Push Others Away/Safety
  • Kleptomania/Impulse Control
  • And literally hundreds of other reasons we hear regularly.
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  • Hoarder Clutter
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  • Sanitization
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