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About Efficient Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning has been in business for over 20 years. We started off as a residential moving company who helped our Milwaukee area customers clean up their houses and apartments after they moved out. As we got to experience in the residential cleaning business, we noticed there were a lot of Milwaukee cleaning companies who wouldn’t do certain jobs – the dirty, tough, nasty cleaning jobs that no one wants to do. Our attitude has always been, “If we don’t know how to do it, we’ll figure it out or find someone who can.” Over the past two decades, Efficient Cleaning has seen just about every kind of tough, nasty cleaning job you can imagine. Efficient Cleaning has become Wisconsin’s most expert cleaning company in handling the toughest cleaning jobs.

Efficient Cleaning has also added services over the years, like junk removal and haul-away, restaurant cleaning, graffiti removal, Degreasing, and construction clean up services. If we didn’t know the proper place to dispose of something, we would do the research and find out. Now that we’ve been asked to dispose of just about everything you can imagine, we don’t come across many materials we don’t already know how to deal with…but when we do, we figure it out.

Our moving business has expanded and grown over the years too. We have evolved from a residential moving company to a commercial trucking company.

The common thread with all our services over the years has been our ethic of providing the highest quality service and dedication to all of our cleaning and trucking customers. Call Efficient Cleaning today to see how we can make your life easier 414.305.3074.

We do the dirty, tough, nasty cleaning jobs that no one wants to do!

We are like no other cleaning company if you have a situation I don't care what it is we will handle it. From house hoarding crime you name it, we do it We work all of Wisconsin and beyond  My name is Richard Webb the owner and operator of this business please feel free to contact us and we will answer any question you may have. Just so you know you can't show anything or tell us anything that we haven't already done, so please let that put your mind at ease.

I like for you to know what we do in the field around Milwaukee, Wisconsin and southeastern Wisconsin. We do work for everybody from construction to realtors, social agencies nursing homes public and private. Probate lawyers and customer that like what we do and how we do it. And we want to do the same for you just try us one time and if you ever need a service like ours you will call us back. you are the boss we are just giving you our expertise in what we do.

From here I like to let you know step by step of all the thing we do in a manner that covers all of the headings in our website starting house cleaning if you have a home that you want cleaning will come and clean from top to bottom and mean like I say. there is nothing we will not while we are there to cater to you in whatever you want to be done we only say yes cause if you are not pleased we didn't give you good service, and that's what counts with us, did we give you good service.



This is Famous Dave's restaurant on south 27th St. We de-greased their parking lot and walkway from years of build up of gum and grease.

If you have a situation and need help Efficient Cleaning is the one to call. We do everything and we don't say no to your problem or undertaking, just let us know what needs to be done. Then we will start talking about solving the problem, that's our motto.  from A to Z and I'll run down the list, don't worry I won't make endless, it's just if  I don't say it you don't think we do it!   And believe.

me, we do work for someone from the public to private, realtors social agencies, bank owned properties, foreclosure clean outs. home preservation. mortgage companies,  trucking firms that emergencies like if they have spilled on their truck and need it cleaned up asap.

At any time we can help you please call us ASAP we here to help. 2019 is here and we want to make this a better year for you.
We will work we all hoarder taskforces public and private city and state and any organization that likes to work with us for the betterment of all mankind. Our mission is to help all people in need no matter distress the situation may be so in the house of God we go there and work as well. life matters for everyone!

Church's Mosques and Synagogues Efficient Cleaning is here to work with you all, no if and's or buts about.